• Currently no Priority One repairs required

Fire alarms and electronic systems:

  • Replace and standardize failing clock system campus-wide: $140,280

HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical infrastructure:

  • Replace near end of life boilers and kitchen makeup unit (which date to 1982): $233,640 - STARTED

  • Replace dead hood system and dish room exhausts with new systems: $116,040 - STARTED

Structural and interior repairs:

  • Remove and replace failing outdoor concrete walking surfaces: $218,160 - STARTED

  • Remove and replace worn out carpet: $305,040 - STARTED

  • Regrade, replace, and re-sod drainage system on North side settling in classrooms 100-111: $41,640 - STARTED

  • Overlay worn out synthetic gym floor with sports floor: $53,400 - STARTED

Parking Lots:

  • Currently no Priority One repairs required