Grand Junction High School, built in 1956, is beyond repair, and is not structurally sound, and cannot be rehabilitated. It is beyond its useful life and it would be a waste of money to further repair.  Fruita Monument and Central are almost as old as Junction, but remain structurally sound and can be rehabilitated with critical infrastructure repairs.

The campus at Grand Junction High School will be rebuilt as a single building on a secure foundation at the opposite end of the property, thus securing the multiple non-secure points of entry. The new building will also meet the fire code and be ADA compliant.

Currently, D51 is withholding repairs slated for Grand Junction High School in hopes that this bond will pass and a new facility can be constructed. If 3A passes this November, the School District will utilize the $5 million for a new facility that was slated for repair funds voted for in the 2017 Bond. In addition, another $4.5 million that was saved from the 2017 Bond, through good construction management, will be used to lower the overall cost of the construction of a new Grand Junction High School.