How Schools Will Change Now that 3A and 3B Have Passed

News Channel Five had the chance to sit down with Emily Shockley, Kelly Flenniken, and Angela Christensen of School District 51, to discuss what happens now that measures 3A and 3B have passed.


Orchard Mesa Middle celebrates election results

Wednesday morning was met with joy at Orchard Mesa Middle School, as students and teachers celebrated local election results.

Voters in Mesa County approved two measures that will give School District 51 a lot more money to update schools, curriculum, technology and more.

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District 51 options get thumbs up

Shock. Happiness. Relief. Joy.

Those were the emotions flooding Citizens for School District 51 Campaign Chairwoman Kelly Flenniken’s mind Tuesday night after voters approved a pair of tax measures — a $6.5 million mill levy override and a $118.5 million bond measure — by 10 -point margins. It’s the first time voters approved tax increases for District 51 since 2004. Funding measures were rejected in 2008 and 2011.


School Funding Passes: Reaction from 3A & 3B supporters

In the 2017 Mesa County Combined election, citizens voted yes on two funding measures for funding projects at Mesa Valley School District 51 Schools.

Both measures passed by around 4,000 votes.


Measures 3A and 3B pass

Voters in Mesa County approved ballot measures 3A and 3B, which will give School District 51 money for school improvements through a bond and mill levy.

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Young parents in the Grand Valley are carefully watching the school funding vote

"My wife and I have two little girls: both born right here in Grand Junction. We are committed to putting our daughters into public schools. We want our kids — and ourselves — to be part of the local community. And so, like many other parents, we are apprehensively eyeing the upcoming vote on Measures 3A and 3B."


District 51 gives tour to show conditions of Orchard Mesa Middle School

"School District 51 wanted the public to see for themselves just what condition Orchard Mesa Middle School is in.

They want to show what kind of challenges the teachers and students face while they try to teach and learn. So they offered a tour of the building Thursday evening."

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Vote yes on 3A and 3B (Guest Columnist - Tim Foster)

"Anyone who has been paying attention over the past few decades knows that I am not afraid to speak my mind. I am a firm believer in sticking to principle and getting things done. I’ve had disagreements with School District 51. But mostly we’ve worked well together piloting programs, sharing staff and facilities, etc. When we are at our best, we are working to do the right thing for students and our community. Making sure students of all ages have access to high quality education here in Mesa County is and should always be our top priority."

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Pros and cons of D51 school tax aired at meeting

"Advocates of two proposed School District 51 funding measures were greeted with a mixture of opposition and support at a forum hosted by the Republican Party of Mesa County on Friday.

Kelly Flenniken, chairwoman of the political issue committee Citizens for School District 51, and Phyllis Hunsinger, a former educator, painted two dramatically different pictures of the district’s needs."


Bond and Mill Levy Forum

"At the Mesa County Republican luncheon, both those in favor and against the Bond and Mill Levy expressed their concerns.

"I think an informed voter is the best voter we can have and I appreciate the opportunity to inform our voters on this very important issue," said Kelly Flenniken, Chair for Citizens for District 51."

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Study: $160M benefit from school funding

"A successful School District 51 bond measure and mill levy override would generate a $160 million economic impact and support nearly 500 jobs, according to a study released by the Grand Junction Economic Partnership on Tuesday."


Bond and Mill Levy Economic Impact Analysis

"A group that supports our local school district says the bond and mill levy up for a vote in November, will do more than just improve education. Today, Citizens for District 51 released an Economic Impact Analysis for measures 3A and 3B."


Economic Impact Study For 3A and 3B

"The Grand Junction Economic Partnership on Tuesday unveiled the results of an economic impact study that involved the $118 million bond and the $6.5 million levy for School District 51 in Mesa County."

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Chamber supports measures for SD51

"November’s ballot brings two critical measures aimed at funding our K-12 education system: a bond for much-needed facility maintenance and improvements within School District 51, and a mill levy override adding more days to the school year and additional funds for curriculum improvements.

The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, representing 950 businesses employing more than 37,000 individuals, fully supports both measures and urges all voters within the School District boundaries to vote “yes” on the proposals."


City Council Unanmousily Support School Funding Ballot Initiatives

"The Grand Junction City Council unanimously votes Wednesday to support the ballot measures providing funding to District 51 schools. Ballot measures 3A and 3B would pass respective mill levy and bond increases raising property taxes by about 10 dollars per month for homeowners in the county."

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The most significant asset for our future needs our investment

"It is time to stop using tired reasons for not supporting District 51’s bond and mill levy override ballot questions. Some people tell me they will not vote for the tax issues because District 51 is top-heavy with administration, or that it wastes money, or that it does not provide kids with a good education."


Citizens for D51 fundraiser at the Hot Tomato Cafe

"Citizens for District 51 officials prepared for their fundraiser at the Hot Tomato Cafe in Fruita.

"Today we're donating 10% of all of our sales for the entire day. Whether its a pizza, a beer, a soda, a cookie, merchandise, or gift cards, we're going to give 10% of our day," said Jen Zeuner, Owner of the Hot Tomato Cafe & Pizzeria."


Education Matters: group campaigns for D51 funding

""It will be less than a Netflix subscription," said Kelly Flenniken, Citizens for School District 51 Chair. She’s talking about how much a mill levy and a bond issue would actually cost the average resident of Mesa County."


Bond & Mill Levy Discussion with District 51

"Emily Shockley of School District 51 stops by the KFQX studio to talk about the bond and mill levy for the upcoming November election."


Board Members and Citizens of District 51 spread the word about the mill levy and bond

"Board Members and Citizens of District 51 gathered at Canyon View Park to spread the word about the mill levy and bond increase that will be on Novembers ballot. 

School officials say a big problem is that not many are informed about the election comping up and what is on it."

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No issue more critical than funding for D51

"Let’s pretend for a moment that the state test results released Thursday showed that District 51 students were among the highest-achieving in Colorado.

Would that help or hurt the district’s attempts to get voters to back a bond issue and mill-levy override? The needs haven’t changed. There are still abundant structural deficiencies, shabby interiors, outdated books and an insufficient number of computers and tablets for the district to reach peak performance."


Local Middle School in Need of Renovating

"Orchard Mesa Middle School is just one of the many schools here in Mesa County in dire need of renovations. however, they say a lack of funding has made these necessary improvements nearly impossible."

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School district asks ballot help from university

"On a community-wide tour to promote two upcoming School District 51 ballot measures, three members of the district’s election committee spoke to Colorado Mesa University’s Board of Trustees on Thursday about the district’s proposed bond measure and mill levy override and asked trustees to support the measures."



Citizens for School D51 Receives Anonymous Donation

"Members of Citizens for School District 51 have been working year-round to provide resources for their students. Recently, that hard work has paid off."


Students, school district prepare for a new year

"The District 51 School Board, along with a citizens group, is rallying to bring big changes to local students' educations in the coming years. This comes, as students are getting the supplies they need to succeed."

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Politics aside, be good citizens and support local kids

"Who knew a New Yorker article could make such a buzz in Grand Junction? The July 24 article by Dan Hessler — “How Trump is Transforming Rural America” — held a mirror up to Grand Junction politics and sociology. Local reaction varied: some rejoiced in the local manifestation of the “Trump Effect;” some were saddened by the picture The New Yorker painted of our valley..."

KAFM Community Radio

D51 School Board Member, Tom Parrish and Citizens for School District 51 Committee Member, Carol Skubic discuss the upcoming Bond and Mill Levy on KAFM Community Radio.

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Schools in dire need of help

"There’s a nine-page list that School District 51 Director of Maintenance Eric Nilsen knows nearly by heart.

For a long time, the list served only to remind Nilsen of the magnitude of the problems facing School District 51 buildings — the buildings he and the maintenance department take care of..."


Teachers Become Students at Elevate! Conference

"More than 500 educators came from across the state to attend the second annual Elevate! Conference at Two Rivers Convention Center on July 31. The conference continues on August 1, and focused on Performance Based Learning.

The conference used three facets of District 51's mission, to Engage, Equip, and Empower, as guiding principles. District 51's emphasis on Performance Based Learning (PBL) was the main topic of conversation..."

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Group kicks off school-funding campaign

"The campaign to garner support for two upcoming School District 51 funding initiatives began Saturday morning with a message that better schools, newer curriculum, and higher quality education are on the horizon for Mesa County children.

Nearly 100 people — teachers and administrators, school board members and parents — gathered in the Orchard Mesa Middle School parking lot to collect supplies for a morning of knocking on doors and talking to strangers about whether they would support two November ballot measures to raise taxes and increase funding to the district..."


Campaign for District 51 bond and mill levy override kicks off

"District 51 school repairs have been a topic of discussion for years. Some like Orchard Mesa Middle School are more than fifty years old, and haven't seen many changes since first being built.

"About a third of the building in this district are over 50 years old, need a lot of work on them, and we need to keep them running,” said Ken Haptonstall, District 51 superintendent..."


Bond and Mill Levy Campaign Kick-off

"Mesa County School District 51 falls behind on a number of things and educators say school funding is one that many in the community may not be aware of.

With hopes of bringing more money for the school's several community members gathered today at Orchard Mesa Middle School today..."


A thriving economy starts with supporting our schools

"If not now, when?

That’s the question that brought together a coalition of business owners, teachers, parents, and voters to form Citizens for School District 51, the grassroots organization behind the campaign to pass the bond and mill levy this November..."