Bonds and Mill Levys - The ins and outs

A school bond provides a financial avenue for school districts to meet an immediate specified need. These specified needs can range from a new school, classroom building, gymnasium, or cafeteria +/or to repairing an existing building, new buses, upgrades in classroom technology or security, etc.  A school bond issue must be voted on by the members of the community in which the school is located.

Maintenance Bond Issues

The following list of Repair and Maintenance projects was taken from our district’s Facilities Master Plan.

This section of the Master Plan was updated by the Blythe Group Co. in 2016.  Budget estimates for these items were provided by the same independent, third-party, professional cost estimating firm that provided budget estimates for our 2004 bond projects.

Outdoor Recreation Coalition Endorses Citizens for SD 51

Outdoor recreation is an important part of the Grand Valley’s culture, lifestyle, and economic viability. The Outdoor Recreation Coalition (ORC) was formed to ensure that as our economic impact grows, we continue to serve the community that we rely upon. We owe a lot to the Grand Valley, not only its steadfast commitment of support to our industry but to the folks that continue to support the local businesses and lands that make our coalition so strong. Further, we believe a healthy, thriving community starts with a strong commitment to its future leaders, business owners, and citizens.

What is the BEST Grant Program?

The BEST Grant Program was established in 2008 to provide an annual amount of funding in the form of competitive grants to school districts, charter schools, Institute of charter schools, boards of cooperative educational services, and the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind. The funds from a BEST grant can be used for the construction of new schools as well as general construction and renovation of existing school facility systems and structures. 

Clifton Elementary Conditions

Teachers are doing their best to overlook some of the poor conditions in their classrooms, but, parts missing from ceilings, the constant smell of mildew, and poor carpet conditions are unacceptable! Our educators and students deserve better than this. 

Vote YES on 3A and 3B this November. 

A thriving economy starts with supporting our schools

If not now, when?

That’s the question that brought together a coalition of business owners, teachers, parents, and voters to form Citizens for School District 51, the grassroots organization behind the campaign to pass the bond and mill levy this November.

Why Support the Bond and Mill Levy?

Different people have different reasons to support the Bond and Mill Levy. For Angela Christensen, Foundation Coordinator at the D51 Foundation, there are three main reasons she is supporting this measure in November.

New Palisade High School Auxiliary Gym - Written by Principal Dan Bollinger

Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of our Palisade High School maintenance staff, the main PHS gymnasium is in very good condition. In partnership with District 51, we have refurbished the floor, put in handrails on the bleachers for the safety of our guests, repaired the mechanical systems numerous times, and replaced the scoreboards that were no longer operational.