These local community members and organizations know the importance of education in a thriving community. Read why they support the Bond and Mill Levy for District 51. 

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Kelly Flenniken

Kelly is currently the Area Manager for Xcel Energy and formerly the Executive Director of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership. 

"The bond and mill levy override for D51 schools is critical. These initiatives will result in capital projects at each of our 44 schools, will add days to our academic calendar, will put more computers in the hands of students, will provide for increased safety and security at our schools, and ultimately will better prepare our kids for their future. A strong, locally supported K-12 education system is foundational for a strong economy. Our community’s future goals become more attainable when the foundation is solid. Truly, it all starts with kids. Join me, vote YES on 3A and 3B. Vote yes for our kids."

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Kevin R. Fitzgerald, M.D. 

Kevin is the Chief Medical Officer of Rocky Mountain Health Plans. He is a former student that graduated from 24th grade (if you add residency) and a concerned parent and grandparent. He also works part-time in a local after hours clinic.

"I believe we all need to support formal education. We rely on our community for its knowledge on a daily basis; whether it is the doctor who helped bring us into this world when we were born, the teacher we leave our children with each day, or the nurse (or other skilled care workers) we rely on to help usthrough our day as we age. Education profoundly impacts a person’s overall health and life expectancy, data shows this! We all love this community but the reading and math skills and the graduation rates for our students lag behind many other districts in our state. This keeps business from relocating here and bringing jobs. We all know communities suffer economically because of a lack of an educated work force. We need to reinvest in the infrastructure of our community schools so the environment for our students does not hold back their learning. This is a pretty small step we can take that supports our students. Let’s give our kids a chance. Vote yes on the Bond and Mill Levy for our school district."


Phyllis Norris

Phyllis is a Grand Junction native and current Grand Junction City Council Member. She has served on numerous boards during her 40-year career with City Market, where she started as a checker and worked her way up to President of the company. Phyllis also is the proud mother of 3, and grandmother to 12 grandchildren who attended D51 schools. 

"As a native of Grand Junction I've seen many economic ups and downs. In 2008 we had a downturn that resulted in cutbacks in many businesses as well as the government entities. District 51 made cutbacks that were away from the classroom... one area was maintenance. 

Today we are seeing the results, our schools are in desperate need of "basic" repairs to the cost of $55 million!  The repairs they are asking for will just take care of top priority needs only. 

We can't continue to send our kids to schools needing these repairs that are becoming safety issues. As a citizen in D51 I feel responsible for the children living here, even though I have raised my children, I can't turn my back on the needs of all our kids. 

I'm voting yes on the November Bond question to catch up with the priority maintenance needs. I'm also voting yes for the Mill levy increase so we will have ongoing funding to keep up basic maintenance.

Please join me in supporting our kids!"

Carol Skubic

Carol is the retired VP of Business Banking with Wells Fargo. She is currently an active board member of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, Chair of the Mind Springs Health Board, and former member and chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce. 

"Supporting our kids and our schools is absolutely critical for our valley.  We have put our schools on the back burner for too long and now our buildings are in desperate need to be repaired and brought up to code.  There is no fluff in this request - just supporting basic needs.  I support this initiative and encourage everyone to vote Yes not only for the future of our kids but for the long-term viability of our communities and the place we love and call home."




Thomas M. Parrish

Tom is currently the Vice-President of the Mesa County School District Board of Education. He is also an Adjunct Faculty and LPE Supervisor at Colorado Christian University in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Tom has previously worked within D51 in multiple capacities and schools from a teacher and Assistant Principal to Principal and Executive Director. 

“When it comes to our children there is no greater contribution the citizens of Mesa County can make than supporting public education.  This support will prepare our children to meet the challenges of the 21st century and positively impact the well-being and economic vitality of our Grand Valley.”



Pamela is currently an Interior Designer, RID, and CCS Principal with Blythe Group. 

“As a local business owner, I can’t emphasize enough the need for quality education to ensure a capable workforce, which then leads to a strong local economy, and a thriving community in Mesa County.”


Blaine buck

Blaine is the Vice President for Bighorn Consulting Engineers in Colorado. Bighorn has been a long time supporter of the school districts in western Colorado. 

"We believe that an investment in our educational system is always a good one and a necessity for continued success in the community.  We depend on educated citizens for a good community as well as future employees of our technical business."


Mesa Valley Education Association

"The Mesa Valley Education Association is committed to supporting 3A & 3B.  Teachers, counselors and all education professionals know how demanding and rewarding working in public education is.  While the rewards remain high, the demands of working in one of the lowest funded districts in our state are increased exponentially.  Ask an educator to tell their stories of both the rewards and the challenges.  Listen to the people in the classrooms as they tell you what it is they need.  MVEA is educators working together with our community to build a better future for our students.  We’ll do our part; will you do yours by supporting 3A & 3B!"


Mesa Valley Education Association Retired

"As retired teachers, we understand the impact these additional funds would have on our valley's students and fully support both of these measures."


Thaddeus and Sarah shrader

Thadd and Sarah are co-owners of Bonsai Design. Sarah is a staunch supporter of improvement in our public schools and an advocate for the Outdoor industry. She founded the Outdoor Recreation Coalition to promote the Outdoor Industry in the Grand Valley. 

"It is vital for the health of our business to have properly funded K-12 education in our community. We need well-funded schools to provide an exceptional education to our up-and-coming workforce, as well as to recruit executives and businesses to relocate here in the Grand Valley.  Our school district is the foundation of a thriving and vibrant economy.  Thaddeus and I are committed to making the Grand Valley one of the best places in the US to work, live, and play.  Because of this, we are happy to support the bond and mill levy on the ballot this November.”


Paul Pitton

Paul has been working in school systems since he graduated in 1979! His primary focus has been as a math educator, but he has also taught Media Productions, football, and track. He is currently a Board Member for School District 51. 

"We are 15 years behind in updating our school facilities, curriculum, security, and staff.  Now is the time to get moving on getting our schools back up to par. Support of our schools will directly impact the future of the Grand Valley; our economy, our health care, our government and our safety. Our students are the most significant investment we can make."


Primary Care Partners

“Primary Care Partners is a proud supporter of School District 51. Healthy communities start with healthy kids. A good education is a critical ingredient to that health.  Primary Care Partners supports the bond and mill levy increase on this fall’s ballot and we encourage community wide support of this effort.”


Lori Buck

Lori is the current Mayor of Fruita, Colorado. She has been an integral part of economic development efforts the community has made in recent years. Lori understands the importance a strong school district makes in the decision making of companies when they look to start or relocate a business. 

"Successful schools are an integral part of successful communities."


Doug Levinson

Doug's history in education is vast. He was a teacher for ten years before becoming principal of Scenic Elementary School. He retired his post after 23 years. Wanting to stay involved in our community's education system, Doug now serves as a school board member for District 51 in Fruita's District "A." 

"I support strongly our District's Bond and Mill levy proposals because we desperately need to address the MANY needs our District faces - crumbling infrastructure as well as woeful lack of resources for our students - technology, books,etc. The bottom line is money makes a difference if used strategically. Our Board's intent it to be relentless in advocating for the needs of our School District - our students, teachers, parents and our community. Our valley should be thriving and is not. I believe the first step in turning our community around and moving towards prosperity begins with a well funded and accountable school district."


Will Hayes

Will is the Chief Operating Officer at Hilltop Community Resources. 

"Although my wife and I don't have children, I'm voting yes on 3A and 3B.  We have lived and worked in Mesa County since 1992.  During these 25 years, I have watched this county slowly lose its ability to compete economically with the rest of Colorado. The single most effective and important economic driver for any community is high quality schools. I'm voting yes for the Valley's kids and our economic future. Join me in voting yes for 3A and 3B this November."


Tim Fry

Tim is President/CEO of Mountain Racing Products. He is also the current Board Chair of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership and the current Chair of the Mesa County Workforce Center Board.

“The health of our schools is indicative of the health of our community.  Great schools drive the economy and more importantly create opportunities for our students to excel in life.  The proposed bond and mill levy is a necessary investment for our community to ensure we have a high quality education system as a foundation for our community.  I ask you to please join me in voting yes for 3A and 3B.”


Angela Christensen

Angela is the Foundation Coordinator for School District 51 and also an Adjunct Professor at Colorado Mesa University. She has years of experience with Mesa County School District 51 as a High School Teacher at Palisade, Wingate Elementary PTA President, and a Board Member for the District 51 Foundation. 

"I regularly hear that our students aren’t in school enough.  I agree.  The national average of school days is 180.  D51 is at 165 days.  As a community, we must make schools a priority.  My son, Jake will be a senior at FMHS in another year.  He’ll be graduating with other kids across the nation who have literally had one more year of school than he has had.  I see the hard work teachers are doing every day to teach our children.  If you have kids in school, you know what I’m talking about.  PTAs, PTOs, and Booster Clubs volunteer unbelievably amounts of time to help out, but they can only do so much to try to supplement our lack of funding. Unfortunately, bake sales and BINGO only go so far. At some point, more money makes a difference in education."


Heather O'Brien

Heather has been teaching English Language Arts in District 51 since 2003.  She is a graduate of Grand Junction High School and also attended Orchard Mesa Junior High (now Middle School) which has hardly changed since she went there in the early ‘80s.  Heather is currently on hiatus from the classroom and serving as the President of the Mesa Valley Education Association. 

“When we, as a community, invest in public education, we are sending a message to our children that they matter, that their education matters.  They need quality facilities to learn in, up-to-date technology and curriculum to learn with, and high-quality teachers to learn from.   Teachers have been “making do” for many years now on outdated materials, a shortened calendar, and, in some cases, dilapidated buildings.  Please support our students and our future by voting yes on 3A & 3B.”

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Outdoor Recreation Coalition

"As business owners, we are continually investing in our employees with updated training materials, new technology and equipment. As a community, we must do the same for our children. Our schools have seen more than $40 million in local budget cuts and even more massive cuts from the state over the past decade on top of that. We have an opportunity in November to change that. It’s up to us to give our kids a chance to compete in the real world and succeed. Vote Yes for the bond and mill levy. Vote Yes for our future."


Christi Reece

Christi is a Realtor and Team Leader at the Christi Reece Group at Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties in Grand Junction.  She's also a mom to a fifth grader and a seventh grader in District 51 schools. 

"Our kids and our community. Two things I'm passionate about and concerned about!  Without this critical funding I believe that our schools will fall further behind national and state  trends for the best practices in education.  This not only puts our kids at risk but our economy also, as we will not be able to attract as many families to our valley. Please vote yes on both measures this fall. Grand Junction deserves improved schools!"

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Rick Taggart

Rick is the current Mayor of the City of Grand Junction. 

“Educating our youth is one of the critical pillars of a great community. We have an absolute responsibility to give all of our children the very best in education to prepare them for success in their adult lives. To do this District 51 has to have the financial resources to fulfill this responsibility. I totally support the Bond and Mill Levy proposals as a step forward to generate the necessary resources for our youth. I hope the community we join me in my support”

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