Western Colorado Contractors Association

On September 11, 2019, the Board of Directors for Western Colorado Contractors Association has approved a position to SUPPORT The Mesa County 2019 Bond Initiatives whereas:

  • The community high schools are in need of security measures to protect the students within the properties from outside elements and ensure safety. This Bond Measure will also address life safety concerns at all area high schools.

  • Grand Junction High School is in need of replacement due to foundation issues and age of the structure.

  • The projects demonstrated with the previous bond for School District 51 proved to utilize over 80% of local and regional construction related businesses.

  • The projects proposed will create more work opportunities within the area construction community.



Grand Junction City Council

On September 18, 2019, The Grand Junction City Council voted to support 4A!

“The Grand Junction City Council declares its support for ballot issue 4A and urges all qualified voters to VOTE YES on question 4A in the November election.”


The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce

Our Chamber is deeply committed to workforce development and programs that offer elementary and high school students more opportunities than ever to foster interest in a wide range of careers and learn valuable work-related skills. There is no question that our schools are aging and need to be replaced and that increased security measure need to be installed in school buildings, but it is also certain that you, our members, will bear a disproportionate share of this increased tax burden when using property axes as a method to finance these projects. The tax burden on all of you went up just last year as another major bond issue by the School District (approved in 2017) went into effect. Most of the Chamber’s membership are small businesses and while not all of them may own real property, all of them are subject to Business Personal Property Taxes on the very equipment needed to be in business.

That is why our support of Ballot Measure 4A is measured and accompanied by a commitment that this Chamber will explore other ways to address our community and education needs in the future. We know what this is costing you and we know that this level of property tax increase activity cannot continue int he future without impacting economic growth.