• Currently no Priority One repairs required

Fire alarms and electronic systems:

  • Replace entire fire alarm system (current system not code compliant): $179,880 - STARTED

  • Replace and standardize failing clock system campus-wide: $107,880

  • Replace Dialer system in fire alarms: $14,520

HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical infrastructure:

  • Add HVAC units to library, office, and cafeteria: $386,760

  • Add security lights to east side of building: $15,270

  • Replace obsolete water heater and plumbing fixtures: $181,440

Structural and interior repairs: 

  • Regrade and replace failing drainage system along East side: $19,320 - STARTED

  • Remove and replace worn out carpet in office: $15,270 - STARTED

  • Remove asbestos flooring (VAT) and replace carpet in classrooms: $396,240 - STARTED

  • Remove asbestos flooring (VAT) and replace with vinyl in restrooms: $2,280 - STARTED

Parking Lot:

  • Add additional parking space on North side: $75,000 - STARTED