• Replace near end of life East Wing roof with EPDM: $301,680
  • Replace near end of life Old Gym roof with EPDM: $92,880
  • Replace near end of life Stage roof with EPDM: $18,600 

Fire alarms and electronic systems:

  • Replace and standardize failing clock system campus-wide: $150,240

HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical infrastructure:

  • Add HVAC units to library, office, and cafeteria: $386,760
  • Add security lights to east side of building: $15,270
  • Replace obsolete water heater and plumbing fixtures: $181,440



Structural and interior repairs: 

  • Structural repairs to secure walls in Kindergarten room: $20,000
  • Replace failing floor in cafeteria: $87,960
  • Overlay worn out synthetic gym floor with sports floor: $80,040
  • Replace failing exterior double door: $15,480

Parking Lot:

  • Major cracking requires overlay and re-stripe: $162,480