Why Do We Need This? How Does This Improve Our Kids' Education?

Massive population growth has occurred in Fruita and Palisade, which require additional classroom space. Not only is space an issue, but security as well. We need to keep our kids safe and secure our high schools. All of our High Schools have haphazardly grown with the population of our community. These additions have created an unsafe number of entrances/exits.

If security wasn’t a big enough concern, Grand Junction High School is structurally unsound and is beyond repair. The maintenance staff has done as good of a job that they can with the facility, however it has outlived its ability to function as a safe space for kids to learn.

21st Century jobs require 21st Century education, and our STEM and Agriculture programs require modernized classrooms and infrastructure expansion. For our kids to be able to compete against their peers across the state and country, they need the facilities to learn and grow. These upgrades to the local high schools will provide our kids with the foundation to thrive.