What is The Economic Impact for Mesa County?

Nearly 90% of the 2017 Bond dollars were spent locally, creating more than 100 jobs in Mesa County. We don’t see this new bond measure to be any different. Our local construction and trade companies thrived with the funds from the 2017 bond and will do so again, with the 2019 bond.

How will this impact small businesses?

Due to the Gallagher Amendment, commercial properties pay a higher tax rate than residential properties in Colorado. Businesses also pay a high price when they have to recruit out-of-town talent and struggle to convince them to move here after they see the dated, inefficient high schools their children would attend.

How much of the bond money will stay local?

More than 90 percent of contractors and subcontractors for 2017 bond measure-funded maintenance and construction work are local, and the district would aim to hire local contractors as much as possible for the 2019 bond measure as well.

Why should I vote for this if my kids have already graduated?

Supporting local schools means supporting the local economy. Good schools keep families here, bring in new employers, and help recruit highly skilled employees, such as doctors, technology workers, and manufacturers.